The Main Thing

One of the laymen in the church I serve said, “We need to keep the main thing, the main thing.”  The “main thing” for us as Christians is knowing Jesus Christ in a personal saving relationship.  The Holy Scriptures  point to this.

There are so many debates around concerning whether or not you trust the Word of God.  These are both discouraging and distracting for people seeking eternal life in Christ. They discourage people from believing the Word of God (the Bible) as it is written and as it has been historically understood.  But in reading through the Gospels you will find that Jesus said things like: “haven’t you ever read in the Scriptures,”  “For the Scriptures say,”  “as recorded in the Scriptures,” and “the Scriptures cannot be altered,” plus other similar references.  In fact of the 125 times “the Scriptures” are referred to in the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible, 48 times Jesus is referring to the authority and teachings of the Scriptures.  “The Scriptures” are referred to 124 times in the New Testament, clearly the early Jesus, the disciples and apostles believed in the authority of the Scriptures.

If Jesus and the early apostles had such a strong view of the authority of the Scriptures, why do Christians today have such a hard time believing what the Bible says?  The main emphasis of the Scriptures: to bring us back to God through Jesus Christ.  Coming back to God through Jesus Christ is “the main thing we should be concerned about” in this life and the benefits are eternal.

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