In a Vision

In a vision I was standing at the gate.

I asked if I could see the Great King.

The mighty cherubim who guarded the way

said that I must go through the fountain first.

I looked at the fountain red water streamed upward,

up to about 10 feet high.

To my wonder I realized it was not water at all.

It was blood that flowed in that fountain fair.

I took off my clothes, they were nothing but rags

and handed them to the angel standing there

I stepped into the fountain just as I am,

and was faced with a vision of One with

thorns on his brow and nails in his hands.

His suffering was great,  so much agony!

Yet he cried out, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

I felt a cleansing come over me as my sins were washed away.

As I proceeded through the fountain, it changed to water, crystal clear

It refreshed and renewed me, for I was born again, I had nothing more to fear.

As I stepped from the fountain on the other side

An angel handed me a new robe all shiny and white.

Again I said, “I would like to see the Great King”

The cherubim smiled at me and said,

“Take heart, you are already in.”

-Pastor Andy Maxwell, Forsyth United Methodist Church.  From a dream experienced June 29, 2017.

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