Feasting on the Bread of Heaven

In John 6:24-51 Jesus refers to himself as the Bread of Heaven and invites us to feast on him.  He spoke of his flesh being the bread given for the world.  Jesus was referring to the sacrifice of himself for the sins of the world.  To partake of the Bread of Heaven is to believe in him, put our faith in him.

What do we believe about him?  First, we believe that he is God come in human form and that he offered his body on the cross as a sacrificial offering for our sins.  This made atonement for the sins of the entire human race and satisfied the requirements of the Law of God and of the wrath of God against sin.  When we put our faith in him our sins are forgiven, and we are cleansed from all unrighteousness in God’s sight.  This is what it means to eat his flesh and drink his blood (John 6:54).  Through our faith in what Jesus does for us, he promised us eternal life – life with no end, not just a better quality of life here and now.  Jesus makes this very clear when he said, “I am telling you the truth: if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you will not have life in yourselves. 54 Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them to life on the last day.” – John 6:53-54 Good News Translation.

Feasting on Jesus means to believe in him, to trust in him and to obey him.  The deeper we dive into God’s Word and spend time in prayer, the more we will be feasting on Jesus.  The more satisfaction we will find in our souls.  Christ has also put us together in a group called the “Church”.  “Church” is taken from the Greek word ekklesia and simply refers to a group of people who are called to gather in some public place. (Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon).  Jesus Christ has called his people to gather in public, so we can feast together on his Word, prayer together, to work together, to be the salt and light the world needs.

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