Too Busy for God

One of the common excuses pastors and other Christians hear when they invite people to church is: “I’m busy.”  Some busy themselves with businesses they own, others will busy themselves saying it is the only day they have to sleep in, others are just simply busy playing.  We often hear that excuse from professing Christians who rarely if ever attend church.

The Church is the visible representation of God’s Kingdom on earth.  God is the Great King, Creator and Sustainer of all things, including you and the things you like to keep busy with.  Church services have many purposes: to praise God for the salvation we have received in Christ, to learn from God through the preaching and teaching of his Holy Word, to fellowship with one another, and to work together to carry out the work God has called us to do.  All of these things combined serve to instruct us in ways we should go and things we should do.  They also correct us when our behavior is wrong in God’s sight keeping us on the road to eternal life.  This is what we are inviting people too when we are inviting them to church.

Jesus gave a parable about the people who were too busy to answer God’s call.  It is found in Matthew 22:1-14.  In the parable the Great King (God) invites people to a wedding feast for his son (Jesus).  He sends out his servants with the invitations.  But person after person refuses to come!  They were all too busy with other things!  Now it is a great honor to be invited to someone’s wedding, or to the wedding of their son or daughter.  The family thinks enough of you to invite you to be among their honored guests.  When people come to the wedding they honor their hosts both by coming and by dressing nice for the occasion.  As is the custom in modern America, the wedding is usually following by some kind to feast to which the guests are invited.  It is an honor to be asked and you honor your host by attending.

God has issued an invitation to come to the wedding feast of his Son Jesus!  Will you answer, “Yes” and come; or will you answer, “Too Busy” and refuse to come? What excuse will you give God when calls you to come into his Kingdom?  What excuse will you give God when death calls you stand before him?  The consequences of this invitation are eternal.  Which way will you choose?

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