The OCP: Delusions of Adequacy

This blog reveals some deep insights to the issues currently facing the United Methodist Church and the implications of some of the actions being considered.

People Need Jesus

by Chris Ritter

Legislation is now in the hands of the delegates for the most highly-discussed UM General Conference in living memory.  The One Church Plan (OCP) will arrive in St. Louis with the blessing of a majority of our bishops. They have stated what goes without saying:  It is “not perfect.”  A better question might be “Is it adequate?”  Is it an actual, serious, sober, and unifying solution that moves our denomination past its current morass to refocus us on mission and ministry?

Some bishops are now beginning to openly admit that the OCP does not live up to its marketing language and promises of unity.  The plan says that it protects the consciences of those who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.  In spite of these pat-on-the-head assurances, we have slim evidence that anyone holding to Jesus’ definition of marriage (Matt. 19…

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