The King is Coming!

This past Sunday was Christ the King Sunday which is followed by the Advent Season leading up to Christmas.  Jesus Christ is not merely some great teacher in ancient history; He is God in the flesh, the King of all Creation.  Jesus made it clear that the first time He came it was to offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins and the sins of the whole world.  (See John 3:16-21).  This great salvation is obtained by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus made it clear that He would be crucified for the sins of the world but that on the third day after that He would rise from the dead.  He explained this many times to His disciples.

Jesus also made it clear that He was coming a second time to do away with evil and save the people waiting for Him.  In Matthew 24 He made it clear that the problems of the earth would get worse and worse and that the wickedness and evil in our world would greatly increase before His return.  He told us that people would be busy with their usual activities and His return would catch many unprepared.  Those who have refused to follow Christ and accept His gifts of forgiveness of sins and eternal life will suffer great wrath, while those who are following Christ in faith and obedience will experience great joy!

An encouragement and a warning is sent to the shepherds of God’s people in Matthew 24:45-51.  Those pastors, teachers, and Christian leaders, who are faithfully doing what Christ has called them to do will receive great rewards from Christ. But he warns those shepherds who are evil or who do what is evil, abusing God’s people, Christ will assign them a place of terrible punishment.  That day will come as a surprise to all, the only way to be ready is to be believing and doing all that Christ taught us to do and believe.

Christmas is a great time of joy because we welcome the Savior of the World in anticipation of His second coming.  He is God’s Savior for us and God’s chosen King to reign over us. He is coming.  How can you make sure you are ready for His return?  Jesussaid, “The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!” – Mark 1:15 NLT.  To receive the great salvation God is offering in Christ, we must turn away from, quit doing the things we know are wrong and anything the Bible says is wrong. Then we put our trust fully in Jesus Christ alone and His death and resurrection to forgive us our sins and to give us everlasting life in the heaven He is preparing for those who love Him.  Simply turn away from doing what is wrong, turn to Jesus asking Him to forgive you and make you a new person.  He has done it for millions of others, He will do it for you. God has blessed all of us by offer the gift of Jesus Christ to us, the Ultimate Christmas Present – that we should have forgiveness of sins and eternal life in His name.  King Jesus is coming again to deliver the fullness of God’s gift to us.

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