Christmas Surprise

40 years ago, I began my pastoral ministry for Christ in The First Church of God in Coquille, OR.  It was a very small struggling church but God provided everything we needed including a full-time job in addition to the church work so that we could afford to live there.

A lot of time and a lot of miles have passed since I first began ministry.  Recently, my wife with the help of many ofthe members of our church pulled off a complete surprise party for me celebrating the 40th anniversary of my ministry.  Both of my children and their families were there to celebrate with me along with the church family.  It was truly a surprise and I was very blessed.

Lois and I have been blessed to see every state in the “lower 48” as they used to be called and to have lived in five of them.  I was also privileged to preach in California, Idaho, and South Dakota.  We’ve seen times of plenty and times of poverty.  We’ve been blessed with our two children and their children as well.  God has always proven to be good and faithful.

This Christmas I hope you too will be surprised by the goodness and faithfulness of God as you look back on how God has guided you and directed you throughout your life.  Return it to God by being faithful in your love for Him in all you do.  Have a MerryChristmas.

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