Christmas: The Best is Yet to Come

Christmas is just a few days away when we in the Christian Churches celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In my devotions this morning I read Revelation 21 about the new heaven and the new earth where suffering death, sorrow, pain, and evil will be no more and God Himself will live among us.  The best part of God’s Christmas gift is yet to come for those who have put their faith in Christ and His promises.  Let your mind think about that.  THE BEST PART OF CHRIST’S COMING IS YET TO COME!

The first time Jesus came, He came to die for our sins and to conquer death by rising from the dead.  The second time He comes He will bring eternal life, peace and joy to those who are waiting for Him.  We celebrate with giving gifts, giving to charities, having family dinners etc., because the promise of Christmas is worth celebrating, but the fullness of God’s gift has not yet arrived, but it will soon enough at the time of God the Father’s choosing.  Trust Christ, keep strong in your faith for truly the best part of God’s promise is coming!

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