Saying Thank You

Christmas is a time of giving gifts to people we love and people we like.  Do we remember to say “thanks” to the people who give those gifts?  I have observed that most people do thank others for the gifts given, but it bothers me when I see those who never say, “thank you.”  It motivates people to give less and less to them or nothing at all as maybe they do not appreciate what they’ve been given.  Saying “thank you” is not only polite but is shows the other person that you appreciate their friendship or love. 

How often do we say, “thank You” to God for the wonderful things He does and has done for us?  We would not even exist apart from His will and desire to create us.  Every breath we breathe, every heartbeat, the gifts of touch, sight, and sound, of movement and strength all come from God our Creator.  Have you thanked Him lately?

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