Missing the Obvious

Recently, Lois and I were looking for a parking spot at a favorite restaurant.  We looked to the right and to the left and saw nothing available.  Yet tucked away in the corner of the parking lot that was straight ahead of us was an empty space not far from the door.  Sometimes we miss the obvious.

January 6th we will celebrate Epiphany.  In the western churches we remember the arrival of the Wise Men from the east, led by the Star of Bethlehem to Christ, the new born King.  In the eastern churches the Baptism of Christ is celebrated which was God’s chosen method to reveal the Messiah to the world through John the Baptist.  We have the Law of Moses and the Prophets that all point to Jesus as the Christ, the Savior of the World.  We have the testimonies of the Gospels and of the early Apostles who all bear witness that Jesus Christ is the Promised Messiah, the One Who was sent to save us from our sins and as the One Who will bring justice to all the world when He comes again.

So often we look to other sources for salvation from our troubles: economic theories, political parties and ideas, science and technology, court systems, and military power.  Yet we often end up worse than before when we turn to these things.  We keep looking to the right and to the left for someone or something to save us, yet the One we need is right in front of us having been revealed to us in multiple ways.  Let us not miss the obvious: God has been revealed to us!  Let us trust and obey Christ Jesus in all things. 

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