It’s Snowing, Slow Down, Do Something Good

Today in the Midwest we are in the middle of a major snow fall.  This is really the first bad one this winter for us.  I measured 8 inches of heavy wet snow and it is still coming down.  It was too heavy for my little electric snow blower to handle and too much to drive through safely.  I called someone who could plow out my driveways.  I looked out and a neighbor was helping to clear one of the driveways. (His snow blower is much bigger than mine.) I felt blessed.

Obviously, we are all slowed down in this part of the country.  Since God alone controls the weather and we know that He loves us perfectly, it would seem to me that He is calling us to slow down from our usual activities, help a neighbor, help a friend.  As Jesus taught us, “Do for others like you would want them to do for you.”  That is part of loving our neighbors as ourselves.  Rather than seeing the snow as a burden, see it as an opportunity to connect with your close family and neighbors, to do good for a neighbor, and don’t forget to thank those who are working hard to clear the roads and the walkways where we live.  Maybe it is exactly what we need to remind us that God is in control and to take stock of things that are important to Him.

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