Daily Prayer – Oct. 15

Scripture:  Psalms 66:1-4

What a joyful thing it is to serve You, O God our Savior and Redeemer!  What a wonderful time it will be when You return and take Your rightful place as King over all nations.  Then people around the world will know You and live in peace with one another!  Let us live our lives here Lord Jesus with joy knowing that You are bringing a glorious future.  Amen.

Daily Prayer – Oct. 14

Scripture:  Jeremiah 29:8-14 and Matthew 7:15-23

Lord Jesus help us to be true disciples and to ignore false teachers and prophets.  Help us to discern truth from falsehood that we may enter Your presence with joy and assurance knowing that You have wonderful plans for us.  Your plans are more wonderful than our minds can imagine and such a wonderful gift that is freely given to us because of our trust in You.  Amen.

Daily Prayer – Sunday, Oct. 13

Scripture:  Jeremiah 29:1-7

Father You have called us to faith and prosperity in the midst of exile.  We are citizens of heaven who have not yet seen our true home.  But like the exiles in Babylon we are to work for the peace and prosperity of our present world.  Maybe through this, others will see the love of Christ within us for them and come to believe in You.  Lord Jesus, help us to live in this world with the view that our true home is heaven and we are called to invite others to that home.  Amen.

Daily Prayer – Oct. 12

Scripture:       Psalms 137 and Romans 12:14-21

Father God at times we express the same feelings as the Psalm writer did because of the evil we see in our world.  Let us not be conquered by evil but leave any vengeance in Your hands.  Help us to be kindly calling people back to the forgiveness and grace found in Jesus, encouraging them to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.  In His Name.  Amen.

Daily Prayer – Oct. 11

Scripture:       Lamentations 1:1-6 and Hebrews 12:7-9

Oh, heavenly Father, sometimes we wonder why we experience hardship and trouble.  Yet You taught us to view hardship as discipline from You that You use it to train us to be more like the people You want us to become.  When we face hard times help us to ask what You are teaching or trying to tell us. In Jesus’ holy Name.  Amen.